What’s New in Aura Asset Intelligence v4

We’re excited to release the latest version of Aura Asset Intelligence! This release brings a number of significant enhancements to the cyber asset attack surface management capabilities of Aura, some of which are highlighted in this post.


Track Asset Vulnerabilities

Aura now keeps track of all vulnerabilities associated with your assets, offering increased visibility and context during your asset investigations. Aura already identifies all associated users, IPs, MACs, software associated with your discovered network assets, and this new addition ensures best-in-class holistic asset awareness. This helps to further accelerate your security investigations and make better decisions.

track asset vulnerabilities
Understand the active vulnerabilities associated with your discovered assets

Report on Anomalous Asset Activity

This release introduces reporting to help identify anomalous asset activity and strengthens the growing intelligence capabilities of Aura. These new reports include identifying dormant assets that are suddenly active again, assets that only appeared on the network for short periods of time, and assets with anomalous user activity.

anomalous asset activity reporting
Identify anomalous asset activity

Extend to Other Instances using Aura Echo

Aura Echo provides the ability to quickly extend the discovery and intelligence capabilities of Aura to other Splunk instances. This allows you to make Aura accessible to different users and teams within your organization, who may not have access to the primary instance that Aura is running on. For example, you may install and configure Aura on your cybersecurity Search Head, but run an Aura Echo instance on your operational Search Head.

Aura Echo
Extend Aura to other Splunk instances using Echo

Simplify Data Source Configuration

Aura configuration just got even easier with our new data source configuration interface. Select from over 50 common data sources that have been preconfigured to work with Aura, or configure your own data sources in just minutes. This new point-and-click interface allows for centralised management of all data sources feeding Aura.

Simplified data source configuration
Configure your data sources in minutes

Linux Asset Discovery with Aura Edge

The Aura Edge app for Splunk Forwarder now includes the ability to discover rich asset-relevant data from your Linux endpoints, in addition to your Windows and Mac endpoints. Aura Edge helps supplement data from other sources and provides Aura with increased context and enrichment.


Many other Aura Improvements

Over 100 smaller enhancements and fixes were made as part of this release in response to customer feedback and to enhance the overall user experience. A few of these smaller enhancements are detailed below.

Custom Home Page Metrics

Customize the number and format of metrics you wish to display on your Aura home page, to gain a quick overview of your most important data.

Set Asset Data Retention

Create custom data retention rules for automated removal of inactive assets, or removal of specific asset record field values after a set period of time.

Advanced Search Filtering

Customizable, savable and shareable search filters have been added throughout Aura, to allow for granular and efficient reporting.

Aura Asset Intelligence is developed by Discovered Intelligence and runs on Splunk. For more information, a demo or free trial, please contact us today.