What’s New in Aura Asset Intelligence 2.3

We are excited to announce the release of Aura Asset Intelligence 2.3. We have been busy as this release includes over 20 new features! Suffice to say we are not going to be able to go through all of the goodness, but this posting will highlight a handful of key enhancements.

The following enhancements will be discussed in more detail in this post:

  • Asset and Identity Detection Profiling
  • Asset and Identity Association Tracking
  • Asset Network Zones
  • Asset Health Check
  • External User Location Reporting

Asset and Identity Detection Profiling

Assets and Identities are somewhat organic in nature as they change over time and, in addition, their activity may vary depending on time of day or day of the week. Luckily, Aura keeps a full history of asset and identity detections over time, along with any changes. The newly enhanced activity profiling allows for both activity and changes to be visualized over time. An example IP detection profile is shown below, illustrating the IP changes over time for a specific asset. There are many other detection profiles available out of the box with Aura.

Asset and Identity Association Tracking

Sometimes we need to ask questions such as: when was this user first or last associated with this particular asset? or when did this server first get this new IP?. Aura now allows you to instantly answer these questions and more. New asset and user association dashboards have been added, and association data is now displayed on many relevant views.

Asset Network Zones

In some cases, a business may use the same IP subnet ranges across different network zones. Being able to identify which IP is associated with which asset is critically important, yet often challenging in these circumstances. In this latest release of Aura, we have implemented a feature that caters for different network zones. This is simple to configure and allows for discovery and reporting of assets by zone, even when they might share the same IP.

Asset Health Check

A newly added, business customizable ‘Health Check’ has been added to the network asset investigation screen in Aura, allowing users to quickly get an instant view into the health of the asset. For example, is it active?, is it managed?, has it been scanned or secured? and more. The health check quickly draws your eye to any pertinent asset issues and helps promote more focused investigations.

External User Location Reporting

Aura now keeps track of geographic user location in addition to their regular office location. This functionality is particularly relevant today with many people working from home, but it also helps us to detect abnormal activity. For example, a user might be located in the US, but why are they also being discovered in a location in France… on the same day…? Powerful functionality has been added to not just report on user locations, but also to highlight several abnormal situations.

Aura Asset Intelligence runs on Splunk. If you would like to find out more or get a demo or free trial, please contact us today.