What’s New in Aura Asset Intelligence 2.2

We are excited to announce the release of Aura Asset Intelligence 2.2. This release includes several new feature-rich reports, integrations and performance improvements. The following enhancements will be discussed in more detail in this post:

  • Compliance Posture Reporting
  • Cloud Asset Reporting
  • IoT Asset Reporting
  • CIS Controls Defect Reporting
  • Cribl Integration
  • General performance improvements

Compliance Posture Reporting

One of the key features of Aura is the out-of-the-box metrics framework, that is leveraged to report on compliance for many different metrics. This release takes this one step further and introduces a new Compliance Posture report. This report provides a single pane of glass view across all of your relevant metrics. Each metric is displayed, along with compliance percentage and trending. A full history of allows you to easily see if you are improving compliance over time, and full drill-down provides actionable insight into the individual defects that are out of compliance.

Cloud Asset Reporting

Many of our customers have assets, such as servers, which are managed in the cloud by various cloud providers. In this release, we are introducing a new Cloud Asset Insights report that provides more visibility into your cloud provided assets. This new report will illustrate all of the cloud assets by provider and show how active these assets are over time. Users can view the top cloud provided subnets on their network and the assets within each and drill down on individual assets to investigate further.

IoT Asset Reporting

Aura Asset Intelligence is able to do a great job discovering and identify IoT type assets that may be on your network. The new IoT Asset Insights report helps to bring added visiblity into your IoT assets. The report illustrates the number of IoT assets you have and breaks them down by the type and class of asset, in addition to listing the various vendors of those particular assets. IoT asset activity is show over time and there is full drill down to investigate individual assets in more detail.

CIS Controls Defect Reporting

In Aura version 2.1, we introduced reporting for the CIS Controls to very positive feedback. In this release we build upon this further to allow users to instantly drill down to view the non-compliant items or defects. This defect reporting provides the user with actionable insight items that might require urgent remediation. For example, the CIS Controls report might show that only 80% of servers are compliant with CIS Control 3 – Continuous Vulnerability Management. The user is able to click on the compliance percentage and instantly drill down to see the list of non-compliant servers.

Cribl Integration

New functionality has been developed to allow for integration of Aura’s discovered asset and identity data with the Cribl LogStream. Using the new Aura Cribl Sync alert action, any data from Aura can be easily pushed to Cribl for use in the LogStream platform. For example, you could send a list of all assets to Cribl on a regular basis, to ensure that the latest asset data is available for use within LogStream’s Observability Pipeline(s).

General Performance Improvements

As with every release, we continually seek to make performance improvements as a result of customer feedback. With this release, we have realised performance gains of over 100% for the Aura asset discovery reports.

Aura Asset Intelligence runs on Splunk. If you would like to find out more or to get a demo or free trial, please contact us us today.

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