What’s New in Aura Asset Intelligence 2.1

July 13, 2020 / in Releases / by aai-admin

We are excited to announce the release of Aura Asset Intelligence 2.1. This release includes many new powerful features and enhancements to further the intelligence and asset discovery capabilities of Aura. This release helps enterprises gain even more insight into their assets and the relationships that exist between them.

New Features

  • Valuable new risk reports
  • Ability to define custom asset fields
  • Splunk Enterprise Security identity integration
  • Automated legacy asset retirement


  • Modernized User Interaction and Experience (UIX)
  • Improved asset identification and enrichment
  • Enhanced asset detection profiling
  • Capturing of last known network destination

New Risk Reports

New, out-of-the-box risk reports help to provide immediate value, with real-time reporting for CIS Controls, default account usage and legacy operating systems. Instantly measure your business against industry recognised metrics and controls.

CIS Controls Report

Legacy Operating Systems Report

Default Account Usage Report

Ability to define custom asset fields

Recognising that every enterprise is different, we have developed the capability to define and capture business-specific asset information, in addition to the data captured within Aura by default. This allows businesses to add any number of custom fields related to an asset for additional reporting capabilities and to further enrich or add more context.

Splunk Enterprise Security (Splunk ES) Identity Integration

A very powerful feature within Aura is the ability to integrate seamlessly with Splunk ES. This allows for the assets discovered by Aura to populate the asset framework within Splunk ES in near real-time. We have further turbocharged this integration by adding the capability to integrate identities discovered by Aura as well. This now provides complete asset and identity integration with Splunk ES. No longer do you need to use Splunk ES without an accurate list of assets and identities!

Automated Legacy Asset Retirement

In response to customer feedback, we developed the capability for customers to automatically retire out discovered assets that would be considered legacy. For example, a set of servers may have been decommissioned or perhaps an asset has not been detected for x period of time and is no longer deemed to be applicable.

Modernized User Interaction & Experience (UIX)

Aura version 2.1 introduces a refreshed look and feel. This modern interface greatly enhances the user experience through the use of new colours, branding and simplification. Buttons and icons are clear and consistent and overall layout of dashboards and reports greatly improved.

Improved spacing, branding and colour palettes

New enhanced buttons, such as one-click download

Improved asset identification and enrichment

Behind the scenes we have developed numerous improvements aimed at better identifying and categorising asset types and adding new enrichment rules that work to increase data accuracy. For example, we have significantly improved our ability to detect and categorise Apple devices as well as cleansing bad operating system information.

Enhanced asset detection profiling

We heard your feedback and responded accordingly! The asset investigation screens now include improved asset detection profiling. For example, when performing an investigation of a network asset you can easily see the associated IP and User ID detection profiles, to help illustrate activity over time and associated relationships.

IP and User ID profiling of a selected network asset

Capturing of last known network destination

Aura now records the last detected network destination port and ip for a given asset, where applicable. This provides additional context in regards to activity and network communication and starts to lay the ground work for exciting new features. More to come soon!

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