What’s New in Aura Asset Intelligence 2.0

We are excited to announce the release of Aura Asset Intelligence 2.0. This release includes several new powerful features and enhancements.

New Asset Classification, Sensitivity and Criticality

Introduced in this release is the powerful capability to assign discovered Assets a classification, sensitivity and/or criticality value. The addition of this Asset context allows for Aura users and administrators to make more informed, risk-based, decisions and reports. The classification, sensitivity and criticality values can be assigned statically or dynamically using Aura’s Enrichment Rule Engine. Additionally, this Asset context is now integrated into core dashboards within Aura.

Enhanced Asset Relationships Visual Workspace 

The Asset Relationships Visual Workspace has been updated to improve user experience and efficiency. The workspace now includes visual icons that represent the type of asset, or identity, for the relationships being plotted so that you can quickly, and easily, understand the node type on the chart. The next enhancement is the ability to hover over any asset, or identity, and have a popup display a set of short, but critical, information for that given node. These two powerful enhancements will save time, effort and allow for quick decision making all within one workspace without the need to jump between dashboards.

Asset Relationships

New Forensic Activity Search Builder

New in this release is the Forensic Activity Search Builder. This dashboard is meant for those threat hunters, forensic investigators and general Splunk power users who want to break out and run their own Splunk queries but include Aura’s powerful ability to track and associate asset and identity activity over any time period. On the dashboard you simply enter the raw Splunk search of your choice and in return it will provide you with a search that is ready to run including the necessary logic to enrich your raw Splunk search results with Aura asset and identity information. Click the search that has been built for you and happy hunting!

Enhanced Forensic Activity Search Experience

The Forensic Activity Search dashboard has had gone through a number of enhancements to improve user experience and general usability. The enhancements made offer a more performant experience and will you through accurately associating assets and identities over any time, against any event. The Activity Results panel now provides the ability to click on any of the results from your search and a Previewing Events screen will appear allowing you to see and understand the underlying raw events before breaking out into a Splunk search by clicking on the View in Search button. Additionally, new visual cues and colors have been added to provide a more intuitive look and feel.

Usability and Performance Enhancements

We are constantly striving to improve the usability and performance of Aura AI with each release. In this release additional visual cues, such as flags instead of country acronyms, are now used, dashboard interaction has been enhanced and the performance, specifically speed, of processing and reporting has increased.

Aura Asset Intelligence runs on Splunk. If you would like to find out more or to get a demo or free trial, please contact us us today.

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