Perform Instant IT Asset Investigations

Aura Asset Intelligence allows for instant asset investigations, to quickly understand complete asset information and any associated activity.

From the Network Asset Investigation view in Aura, we enter in the host we are investigating and the timeframe we wish to investigate over (for example the Last 7 Days). Aura will then bring back all the information that it knows about this particular host.

This includes the following content:

  • Health Check – A configurable snapshot of the overall health of the asset and how compliant the asset is against your organizational security controls.
  • Asset Record – The complete asset record that Aura has discovered for this particular asset. The fields that make up this record are pulled from many different data sources and patented logic and learning is also used to ensure that the record is not only complete but also accurate.
  • Data Sources – All of the data sources used by Aura to discover this asset and the last time Aura discovered this asset from each source, which helps provide an indication of asset activity.
  • Geographic Location – Aura geolocates your assets on your internal network and presents this on a map.
  • Software Discovery – Lists all of the software discovered on the asset by Aura, by vendor, product and version, along with when the software was first and last detected on the asset.
  • Associated Detection Profile – These identify all of the IPs, MAC addresses and Users that have been associated with this asset over time. A timeline illustrates the detection activity for the selected time frame.
  • Associated MAC Addresses, User IDs, IP Addresses – Associations are further presented in tabular format, along with the first and last time associated. This is helpful in say an investigation as we can quickly determine if a user has been associated with an asset for a while or only recently. The detection percentage also provides an indicator of how often a given MAC, IP or User has been associated with an asset, compared with others.

You can see how it is quick and easy with Aura to instantly investigate an asset to obtain complete and accurate asset information and any associated activity.

Aura Asset Intelligence runs on Splunk. If you would like to find out more or get a demo or free trial, please contact us today.