Aura AI Events

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Nov 19, 2021 – Nov 21, 2021 – Splunk .conf 21

Come visit our virtual booth at Splunk .conf21!

April 2021 – Webinar – Learning from the SolarWinds Breach and Discovering What’s New on your Network.

Join us for this webinar as we examine some of the key characteristics associated with recent security breaches, such as SolarWinds, and see first hand how Aura Asset Intelligence can be used to quickly discover new or abnormal assets and identities on your network.

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November 2020 – Webinar – Continuous Asset Discovery for Splunk

Learn how Aura Asset Intelligence, a premium solution for Splunk, provides continuous asset discovery to strengthen your security posture by identifying, and better understanding, unknown assets on the network. As assets are discovered, Aura answers key questions such as is the asset managed or does it have endpoint protection all while providing reports allowing you to continually measure your organization against key compliance and industry standards.

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